• Tickled Pink is the third episode of the thirteenth season.


  • Sir Topham Hatt send James to the Steamworks to get a new coat of paint, so James chuffed there. When he was there, they pick out the red paint, then they applied pink paint, the pink paint is below the new red coat, it's for water entering avoiding, Then Sir Topham Hatt entered into the Steamworks, he told James that it was Bridget Hatt's birthday, so he told James to pick her and pick his friends, James was scared, then he find Emily, he laughed at James, James was scared, then he was passing another rail, then he heard Gordon's whistle, he hidded in a tall tree, Gordon passed to Toby very fast, and he lifted the tree's leafs! And Toby saw James being pink, he laughed at James too, James escaped and he continue his way, then he saw Diesel, he was pushing trucks, he hidded behind the trucks, Diesel pulled each by each truck by one, but at last all of them where pushed, Diesel laughed at James. But he has to continue his way to the children, then he heard again Gordon's whistle, so he hidded in a tunnel, When Gordon was passing, he saw steam, so he ordered the engine who was inside to go out, but then Thomas and Percy camed in, Gordon was still waiting, but James knew the children where waiting, so he go out of the tunnel, Thomas, Percy and Gordon laughed at him! But he continued on the way to the children, the he saw Spencer in a junction, but he continue his way.

At last he arrived to the station, where Bridget Hatt and all his friends where there waiting, so James thought they will also laught at him, but anyone of the children laughed, they smiled, Bridget said to James that his favorite color was pink, so James couldn't believe it! he was afortunated! So they camed to the Hall to celebrate it.